All Your Needs 
In One Platform

Kanorafy is an all-in-one platform that delivers all of the tools you need for your businesses day-to-day workflow processes, marketing, and communication.

Kanorafy’s all-in-one solution simplifies managing your business and reduces the need of switching between, or paying for multiple software. We help you get back to what you love doing, servicing your customers, and scaling your business.

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Empowering Businesses
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Make informed business decisions with key analytics through our platform's powerful analytics dashboard, which connects to all of your existing communication tools, bookings, and Ad accounts.

Attribution Reporting

Appointment Reporting

 Google Ads Reporting

Facebook Ads Reporting

From API integrations to powerful analytics - Kanorafy has it all.
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Customizable CRM

Kanorafy’s synchronizes across multiple communication tools to align all of your communication. Resulting in faster and more accurate follow-ups.

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Lead Nurturing

Opportunities Pipeline
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Seamlessly integrate your existing business tools to manage your business directly from one place. Whether you need to manage your accounts, cases, or collect payments.


Google Locations


Kanorafy Integrations


Kanorafy's  integrates with all of your marketing channels, campaigns, and opportunities to display powerful data for more calculated  decisions.


Form Builder

Email Marketing

Survey Builder
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Reputation Management

Stand out from your competition, increase your ROI, maximize organic traffic, and receive more reviews.

Request Reviews

Improve Visibility

Generate Organic Leads
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Book more appointments, collect payments automatically through text beforehand to reduce no shows, or setup pre-configured responses to have Kanorafy guide customers to conversion.



Reminder Texts

Text To Book
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Save time using our workflow feature to automate mundane processes, improve efficiency, and help you scale your business.

Auto Missed Call-Back.

Auto Email Capture Through Text.

Auto Reminders

Capture Payment Through Text
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More than business software

Kanorafy is powerful, intuitive, saves time, increases customer satisfaction, and integrates with your favorite business software.

Manage your business in one place

Streamline Communication

Make more informed business decisions
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Being able to manage everything in one place frees up so much time! Now I can focus more on the areas of my business that I want, and continue to grow it.

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Superior Support



   Gain access to a network of other Kanorafy users and experts to maximize the value. Learn how others use our platform, increase their opportunities, and network with fellow business owners.

Heart & Hands


   We offer unparalleled service and support. Our dedicated team is always within reach, ensuring  you that we are in this together. We offer weekly training, 24/7 access to hours of training videos, and a host of resources through our resource portal to ensure you receive maximum value from Kanorafy.

Resource Portal

   Receive support from our many digital marketing experts at our sister company Kanora Digital. As you become an expert in Kanorafy, we offer the opportunity to become an expert by completing our training program where you or your business can become nominated to be Kanorafy certified, and featured on our Kanorafied page.

Try it for yourself

See how businesses use our software to streamline their processes, manage all of their marketing, communication, and improve customer satisfaction. 


All the tools you need for your day-to-day workflow processes, communication, and marketing. Kanorafy makes streamlining tasks a breeze.
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Built To Grow

Our platform is built to not only help you streamline and scale your business, but we continuously release improvements & features to keep you ahead.